Ganesh Chaturthi - The Celebration of Ganesha’s Birthday!

Ganesha - the elephant headed deity - is the God of New Beginnings, Remover of Obstacles, and the God of Intelligence and Wisdom.

If you are unable to worship Lord Ganesha on a daily basis, it is said that you will find the benefits one hundred times more powerful if you take the time to acknowledge his energy on Ganesha Chaturthi.

One way to do it is by performing Japa, that is, repeating one of the mantras dedicated to him 108 times:

My favorite is: “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

It is thought that you can obtain Ganesha’s blessing and weaken the six enemies that pollute our hearts and minds. These six enemies are primarily responsible for all of the difficulties we face in life.

You can chant this mantra while performing Ganesha Mudra.

Ganesha Mudra is practiced by placing the left hand in front of the chest, palm out, and grasping the left hand with the right hand.

The hands stay at the level of the heart as you put some energy towards pulling them apart, but do not release the grip.

Some of Ganesha’s Names and Divine Forms Are:

Sri Vakratunda Ganapati - 
This energy from Ganesha removes “matsarya” or Jealousy

Sri Ekadanta Ganapati
 - This energy from Ganesha burns away “mada” or Pride

Sri Mahodara Ganapati
 - This energy from Ganesha removes “moha” or Attachment and Delusion

Sri Gajanana Ganapati - 
This energy from Ganesha vanquishes “lobha” or Greed

Sri Lambodara Ganapati
 - This energy from Ganesha burns away “krodha” or Anger

Sri Vikata Ganapati
 - This energy from Ganesha burns “kama” or Lust and Desire

Sri Vighnaraja Ganapati
 - This energy from Ganesha removes “mamata” or Self-Centeredness and Egotism

Sri Dhumravarna Ganapati
 - This energy from Ganesha reduces evil thoughts and all different kinds of arrogance.

The Arishadvarga are the six enemies that cover our true inner light and pollute our hearts and minds. They keep us from seeing Reality - As It Is, and prevent us from experiencing God or the Divine Energy present in all things. The more we try to fight against them, the longer they will keep us tied into the drama of life. Instead, we have to dissolve them, reduce and weaken their effects within us until our inner light shines forth, and they no longer have a hold over our mind.

  1. Kama is lust.

  2. Krodha is anger

  3. Lobha is greed

  4. Moha is delusion, attachment or temptation

  5. Mada is pride

  6. Matsarya is jealousy

May All your Obstacles be Removed and May you All be Blessed with Wisdom and Joy!